How To Register A Co-Worker

Step 1 Logon to your account. This will allow you to register yourself and/or co-workers for events and access AMCTO Interest Groups for resources. If you’ve ever attended an AMCTO event, or you are an AMCTO Member, you already have an existing account. 

Never attended an AMCTO event?
Create a new account.  This will allow you to register yourself and co-workers for events and access AMCTO Interest Groups for resources.
Step 2 Once you are successfully logged on to YOUR account, select the event to register.
Step 3
Click on the “Register Someone Else” button.
Step 4 A pop-up box will appear. Automatically the option “Select an existing contact” is chosen. As soon as you click in this field to type someone’s name, a drop down list will appear of your co-workers who already have an existing AMCTO account. If the co-worker’s name DOES NOT appear on the list, contact AMCTO Support or call (905) 602-4294 x227.
 Step 5 Once you select the co-worker’s name, their contact information will automatically populate in the next window. Update if necessary then click on “Save and Close”. Proceed with the registration process. Do not proceed to checkout if you have other co-workers to register.
 Step 6 Repeat steps 2 to 5 to register additional co-workers for the same event. 
 Step 7 To register a co-worker for a different event, click on the home page and select the other event. Repeat steps 2 to 5.
 Step 8 On completion of the last registration, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. All the registrations you have entered will now show in your online cart. You have the opportunity to review, edit, or remove any of these registrations before entering payment details.

We hope you found this document useful.
Thank you for using the on-line registration process.