The Albatross of Re-Writing A Procedural By-law

"The Albatross of re-writing a Procedural By-Law" - As municipal legislators, we always question ourselves "when should a revision of our Procedural By-law be undertaken? A thorough review of the By-laws should be undertaken at least once every 8 years, but revisions should not occur more frequently than once every four years (Term of Council) especially if the municipality allows piecemeal amendments where discrepancies are noticed throughout the course of a year. The essentials of a good Procedural By-law is the overriding goal of a revision which creates a set of By-laws that helps the municipality to function and prosper by providing explicit parameters for operations and governance while also allowing the flexibility within those parameters that is needed for Council's to succeed within a highly changing world, and, by the use of inclusive language to minimize the need for future amendments.

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