For Municipalities

Many municipalities are planning activities to promote a better understanding and awareness about the operations and services of their municipality.

  • Some of the suggested activities include:
  • Tours of municipalities by local students and citizens
  • Visits to schools by municipal staff and elected officials
  • Mock municipal elections in schools
  • Mock municipal referendums in schools
  • Inviting students to observe council in session
  • Mayor for a day
  • An official proclamation of Local Government Week in your Municipality

Visit this link for a list of fun, easy to implement and educational Activity Ideas (English) or (Version Française)

Play the Municipal Jeopardy Trivia Game with local kids.

Click here for Municipal Careers Trading Cards

Here's a sample of the Severn Township Student Mayor Program developed for use with their local schools.

Resources for Municipalities

• Click here to download a Powerpoint Presentation About Local Government (English Version) or (Version Française) that you may use when hosting visits/tours to your municipality, or when municipal staff and elected officials visit local schools to teach students about the local order of government. This is a sample presentation that we encourage you to adapt by adding specifics about your municipality and its services. You may also use specific sections of the presentation.

Click on these links for a presentation about A Day in the Life of an Elected Official (English) or (Version Francaise)

• Click here for a sample proclamation template (English) or Proclamation (Version Francaise) for your proclamation of Local Government Week in your Municipality.
• Copies of the Local Government Resource Guide are available for download by clicking this link.

Visit this link for a list of FAQs for Municipal Professionals