AMCTO has served members for over 75 years with nearly 2,200 currently spread out across 98% of Ontario’s municipalities. Membership with us means joining Ontario’s premiere management and leadership association for municipal professionals.

Membership enables you to stay connected with the evolving municipal environment and help you meaningfully develop your skills and abilities through educational opportunities, accreditation, leadership development, access to resources and robust networking channels. Check out the membership benefits you can receive upon joining AMCTO.

Member Categories

** AMCTO revised its membership categories. The categories below came into effect January 1, 2016. **


Full Members

The Full Member category is for any individual employed by, or under contract with, a municipal corporation or a local board as defined in the Municipal Act. Full Members have voting rights and can hold office with AMCTO.

New Professional Member

The New Professional Member is any individual with five or less years of municipal work experience. New Professional Members have voting rights and can hold office with AMCTO. New Professional Members receive a $200 voucher redeemable toward AMCTO professional development (including the Annual Conference) for each year of eligibility in this category.

  Associate Members 

The Associate Member category is for an individual not employed by a municipal corporation as defined by the Municipal Act.

This category will be suited to Provincial or Federal employees, those working in the broader public sector or in the private sector.

The Associate membership category will maintain the sub categories of retired members, members in transition, and the student member categories.

Student Member

The Student Member category is offered on a complimentary basis to any full-time students enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Retired Member

A Retired Member is open to any individual who was a member immediately prior to retirement and is in receipt of a municipal retirement pension or equivalent.

Member in Transition

A Member in Transition is open to any individual who was a Full or Associate Member immediately prior to requesting “in-transition” status.

For full definitions of each membership category, please see AMCTO’s Constitution

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