Become a Volunteer

One of AMCTO’s key strengths is its ability to draw on the expertise of its engaged and committed membership. AMCTO offers its members and invited municipal professionals with specific expertise the opportunity to participate on a wide range of task and/or issue oriented committees and volunteer positions which are established to provide input and guidance to the Association. Volunteer appointments typically are two years, although in some cases they are directly related to a specific project and terminate upon completion of that project.
We invite expressions of interest from members who wish to serve in any of the voluntary capacities outlined below. Although there may not be vacancies in all positions every year, expressions of interest will be kept on file should a vacancy arise.

Should you wish to volunteer in one or more of these positions if a vacancy becomes available, please email

Volunteer Opportunities 

Annual Conference Coordinating Committee

Individuals who work with AMCTO staff to coordinate the educational and social program content and some organizational details of the AMCTO Annual Conference & AGM.

Time Commitment: Committee meets twice at Conference site and up to twice more via teleconference (2-3 hours) between November March.

CMO (Certified Municipal Officer) Review Committee
Duties of the CMO Review Committee include:

1. To evaluate applications for Certified Municipal Officer (CMO) accreditation or re-accreditation submitted by Association members;
2. To recommend approval of CMO accreditation or re-accreditation applications, which meet established competency standards;
3. To assist in the development and maintenance of the CMO accreditation program.

Appointees to the CMO Review Committee must hold the Certified Municipal Officer designation. 

Time Commitment: Meets on an as required basis via teleconference. Committee members will be required to review and make recommendations regarding submitted CMO applications.

Legislative and Policy Advisory Committee

The Legislative and Policy Advisory Committee’s responsibilities include:

1. To assist the Association in developing and maintaining a close liaison with all levels of government through the identification and evaluation of key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the responsibilities of Association members;
2. Identify and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding key federal and provincial legislative and regulatory issues that should be addressed by the Association;
Evaluate federal and provincial legislative and regulatory issues identified as priorities by the Board of Directors;
4. Provide input and feedback to the Director – Government Relations & Legislative Services regarding proposed formal submissions to be made on priority legislative and regulatory issues.
Time Commitment: Meet 4-6 times during the term which runs from September to May. Meetings are generally in person at the AMCTO office, but also meet by teleconference or other electronic means.Committee members serve a two year term.

Academic Mentors

Program Objective:
AMCTO provides academic support to students that are currently enrolled in AMCTO education / professional development courses or programs. Students can reach out to the academic mentors as required to get the required coaching and mentoring support to complete their academic studies.

Mentor Responsibilities:
On a volunteer basis, to provide coaching (to give direction) and mentoring (share knowledge, experience and provide support and motivation) in their field of expertise to students that require assistance completing their education / professional development courses or programs.