The Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC) designation certifies the core education, experience and professional contributions required to be an accredited municipal clerk in Ontario. The designation establishes a professional standard for Ontario Clerks, drives professionalism forward and ensures a continued professional commitment to continuous learning and development.

This AOMC Handbook is your guide to the AOMC Accreditation Program. It provides you with what you need to know in order to participate in and complete the certification process.


How to Become an AOMC

All candidates must meet the following prerequisites in order to apply for their AOMC designation. They include:
  • Be an AMCTO member in good standing.
  • Currently employed as a Clerk or Deputy Clerk in Ontario with a minimum of 3 years full-time experience (note: other job titles (i.e. council or legislative services) are accepted as long as those duties assigned are that of a typical municipal clerk).


How to Register as an AOMC Candidate

How to Pay Your Application Fee

How to Submit Your AOMC Application

Preparing your submission doesn't have to be a difficult process and we want you to be successful. Therefore, we have designed the AOMC Application for Designation Form to help you compile all the relevant information and assist you in knowing how to address all of the required areas by which your application will be assessed. More information can be found in the AOMC Handbook.

If you still have questions about the submission process after reading the AOMC handbook, feel free to contact

How to Maintain Your AOMC

Once you are awarded the AOMC designation, you will be required to maintain the designation through a five (5) year PDU-based maintenance program. This will require you to continue developing yourself professionally by participating in ongoing development activities over a five (5) year cycle – documented through a PDU log form. The PDU Log form will be available to each holder of the AOMC designation and on the AMCTO website.

Tools and Resources

How to add attachments to a PDF using Adobe Reader 8

(when attaching evidence to the AOMC Application Form)