Accessible Customer Service Standards

The first Standards to be enacted into law were the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07 which explains the requirements for public sector organizations, volunteer and third parties who do business with public sector organizations and specific Boards and Commissions listed in the attached Schedules. Business and not-for-profit organizations must abide by the same requirements only at a later date, January 2012, unless they have fewer than 20 employees. Ontario Regulation 430/07 exempts organizations with fewer than 20 employees (not designated public sector organizations) from certain documentation requirements of the standards.

You must create a Customer Service Plan and Train Your Staff. This link is a guide to assist you to create your plan. You can also check here for valuable tools to train your staff.

Legal/Policy Framework

The regulations and resources listed below will help you develop your training and policies, procedures and practices and learn how to comply with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

Ontario Municipal Implementation Examples

Here are examples of municipal documents (reports, policies, procedures, etc.) implementing O.Reg 429/07 as municipalities adopt them. The objective is to help municipalities avoid "reinventing the wheel." It is, of course, incumbent on every municipality to assess whether another municipality's document, whether obtained through our website or otherwise, fits local circumstances and meets legal requirements. Please alert us to new examples.