Timeline requirements:

This HR element (includes the report) must be completed within 3 years at time of enrollment to be considered in the Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA). The other three elements are MAP, MAFP and MLP. The entire diploma can be accomplished in less than 5 years. However, there is a maximum timeline of 8 years to complete all four elements.


If you enrolled in the DMA in 2016 and previously taken the HR modules: you must have accomplished the modules no earlier than 2013 to be eligible to submit the HR report by the end of 2017.

If you are enrolling in the DMA in 2017 and have already completed the HR modules: you must have accomplished the modules no earlier than 2015 to be eligible to submit the HR report by the end of 2018.

If you completed the HR modules before the above timelines and would now like to apply this program to the DMA, you will need to retake the modules.

Upcoming timelines to submit your HR report for evaluation

The following timelines have been set to help you plan your final HR report submission. If you are presently completing the modules, we recommend you choose the timelines that coincide with your cohort's location. However, you may choose to join a future cohort's timelines, as long as it is within your three-year timeline to complete this HR element for credit into the DMA. Your three-year timeline begins with your registration into the HR Program.

HR Work Plan - Application Due Date

(approx. 18 days after Day 2 in-class)

AMCTO Work Plan Approval will be granted no later than 2 weeks after you submit

HR Report Due        

(9 weeks after approval deadline)


Marker Return           

(by 3 weeks after you submit final report)


Shelburne Fall 2018 cohort – Oct. 15/18

 By Oct. 29/18

 Jan. 4/19

Jan. 25/19

Seaforth Fall 2018 cohort – Dec. 18/18

 By Jan. 2/19

 Mar. 6/19

 Mar. 27/19

2019 cohorts TBD







  1. You must have completed the HR program before submitting your work plan.

  2. Once you join a cohort's timelines and your HR work plan is approved, you are obligated to complete that HR Report by the due date.

  3. If you require an extension for the report due date, you will need to submit an extension request form with payment of $84.75 (75.00 + 9.75 HST). Details are included in the attached form - click here.

  4. If you receive an extension and still are unable to submit the HR report, you will be required to join a future cohort's timelines including the re-submission of a work plan on a different topic.