Employment Law & HR Program - Late Assignment Submission Policy


The purpose of this policy is to define the consequences for the late submission of assignments. The impetus behind this policy is the protection of the students’ ability to remain on schedule, as well as the Association’s ability to manage the logistics of the course.


1) All assignments are due by 11:59 pm on the stated due date. Assignments received after this time are considered late.

2) Assignments submitted late to AMCTO will automatically receive a mark deduction of 10%.

3) Assignments submitted thereafter will receive a 5% mark deduction for each additional day of lateness.

4) Assignments not received by AMCTO within 7 calendar days (inclusive) of the due date will receive an automatic mark of zero.

5) AMCTO does not guarantee the return of late assignments to students, in the requisite time stipulated for on-time assignments, in the AMCTO Student Handbook. 

6) Students can request waiver of the above stated consequences by submitting documented proof of exceptional circumstances. AMCTO may waive the consequences of a late submission of an assignment upon review of the student’s request for a waiver.

7) If a student asks for exceptional circumstance status, and is refused by AMCTO staff, the student can appeal the decision to the AMCTO Manager of Education and Professional Development. The decision of the Manager of Education and Professional Development will be final.