Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA)

The AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration provides the comprehensive foundation in municipal administration that will enable municipal professionals to excel and perform seamlessly in today's complex and rapidly evolving municipal environment. The AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration provides essential and integrated knowledge of the processes and administration of local government in the areas of systemic organization and management, legal framework and interpretation, finance, and human resources management. Graduates of this diploma program are authorized by the Association to use the initials "Dipl.M.A.".

Why Should a Student Undertake the Completion of the AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA)?
The DMA gives students the fundamental tools and skills to excel in their current role and to advance in their municipal careers. This diploma cohesively synergizes the foundational components of municipal education into a single standard of recognizable academic accomplishment. The DMA provides a powerful educational framework in municipal administration. It also may provide the additional complementary academic performance measures required to fulfill the demonstrated knowledge component of the Certified Municipal Officer (CMO) application. This diploma is a natural progression in the pursuit of the CMO accreditation - the recognized standard of Excellence in Municipal Administration and Management.

Who Graduates from the AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration?
Graduates of the AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration are qualified municipal professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental components of municipal administrative processes, who can seamlessly integrate and execute that knowledge in any responsibility area of a municipality. Graduates must complete the four elements listed below, within an 8-year maximum timeline with minimum grade considerations. Although a maximum timeline of 8-years is provided to complete the requirements of this diploma, students have graduated within 5-years by following the suggested timelines for each element. For full details, please refer to the "DMA Terms of Reference" posted below.

Municipal Administration Program (MAP)
Municipal Accounting & Finance Program (MAFP)
Municipal Law Program (MLP)
Employment Law and Human Resources Program (HR)

Each year, AMCTO presents an award for academic excellence to the graduate of the AMCTO Diploma in Municipal Administration who attains the highest cumulative mark throughout the four elements (MAP, MAFP, MLP and HR) of this diploma.