Career Transition Counseling Service

Dealing with Involuntary Termination

From time to time, the severance of senior personnel occurs in local government just as it does in other areas of the public and private sector. Whether it is precipitated from a change in the council or board of your community or from other circumstances, the involuntary departure from your organization can come as a shock, even if it was somewhat expected. Most people gain their sense of self-worth from the work that they do, and often there's a stigma attached to losing one's job. 

When the termination occurs, the immediate emotional aspects leave many individuals not knowing what to do or where to turn for advice and assistance. In conjunction with Right Management, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario now provides its members with an initial 2-hour confidential counseling session (with an optional
1-hour extension) following termination. In this session there will be an opportunity to: 

  • Deal with the immediate emotional aspects of the announcement and to support the member as they deal with the questions regarding career transition support and third party issues such as the difficult task of talking to spouses or families;
  • Discuss how to obtain legal and financial advice;
  • Review positive first steps in finding a new position. 

This service is available to all regular current AMCTO members who have been members of the Association for at least 2 years and who are facing involuntary termination. The service is totally confidential. Other than confirming that an individual is a member of the Association, the AMCTO has no direct involvement in the consultation nor does it receive any information about the consultation after it has occurred.

To access this service, members should contact the AMCTO Office at 905-602-4294 x 226 or by email at


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